Our service

You Matter creates Havens of hope for women and their children. Through a fully equipped and comfortable home, women are empowered to re-establish stability, independence and connect to their community.

You Matter works with family violence support agencies and goods donation partners to create Havens for women and children escaping family violence. Havens mark a fresh start towards a brighter future, providing a stable and comforting environment for women and their children to rebuild their lives.

You Matter works directly with family violence case workers who are supporting female clients, and those who identify as a woman, who have left their home due to family violence. Referrals are made by case workers once long-term accommodation has been secured for the woman.

Our Haven set-up includes beds and bedding; bathroom goods and toiletries; washing machines and other laundry essentials; fridges, cutlery, crockery, pots, pans, pantry items; a dining table; living room furniture, including a television, plus items to cater for the specific needs and tastes of the woman and her children, such as desks, books, toys and pet accessories.

Havens are decorated and styled by our volunteers, including cushions, throw rugs and other decorator items — finished off with some frozen and fresh meals and a beautiful bunch of flowers.

A fully functional Haven is critical for women to remain in their new home.  This is a deliberate strategy to help prevent women falling back into the cycle of family violence and abuse. When You Matter sets up a Haven for women and their children, all they need to do is arrive and begin living in a home filled by the love and support of their community.

Haven establishment process 

Haven set up
day confirmed
Volunteer team
sets up Haven
3-5 hours later
Haven is handed

back to woman

“I appreciated the personalised approach that your team took. It was clear that you genuinely cared about people in need. Thank you for your exceptional service. I will be thankful throughout my life.”

Woman’s Testimonial

“My client is over the moon and so appreciative of the support in establishing a new home for herself after escaping a violent relationship. Everything was amazing.”

Support Worker Testimonial

"I liked the attention to detail, it made me feel special. Fantastic! I feel there was a lot of care and thought put into the process … I’m elated, honestly."

Woman’s Testimonial

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